Pristine Water from an Ancient, Protected Spring. Nature’s Gift to Us All!

For over 2,000 years, Liese spring water has flowed through the “Vosges du Nord” mountains in a UNESCO classified “World Biosphere Natural Reserve” located in eastern France. Thanks to its location, its underground water sources cannot be contaminated by agricultural activity or accidental pollution.

Liese is filtered through several layers of Vosges’ limestone resulting in an ideal balance of minerals for optimum hydration and purity. It contains one of the lowest levels of minerals in any European sourced waters (50mg/L of total dissolved solid), which makes it extremely pure and facilitates both the assimilation by the body (hydration) and its purification benefit by eliminating toxins (detox).
Liese is often sold in pharmacies and organic / health stores in France because of its low but detoxifying mineral content, which is sufficient to make it healthful and flavorful. It is also considered suitable for babies and pregnant women.

Liese’s 7.5pH level is virtually identical to that of the blood in a human body (7.4pH) . One more element contributing to the overall achievement of balanced nutrition & hydration brought by this exceptional water.

Liese’s High Resistivity (ability to resist electrical current) of 8,930 ohms/Ω shows it has very low amounts of dissolved salts thus exceptional purity.

The CO2 used to add bubbles to the sparkling versions of Liese Natural Spring Water is of natural origin, captured in the Eifel region, one of Europe’s largest source of naturally occurring CO2 of volcanic origin.

One of the major advantages of Liese water is its use of 100% Recycled & Recyclable Packaging for both the bottles and the plastic film used to wrap multipacks.

Liese Natural Spring Water is available in both Still and Sparkling versions, packaged in 500ml, 1L bottles as well as 6 packs of each bottle size.

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